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This is a website dedicated to the discussion and dissemination of information about the genetical mutation that has been named Rufus Capitis, although it is more known as ginger to those who have not researched in the topic. Feel free to navigate through our countless pages.

500px This is a perfect example of the lies and slander that the ginger community tries to spread among us. Do not fall for this kind of trap.

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A ginger wizard who suck ass on magics.

Todays ginger is Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint). He is Harry Potters "best friend" but from a anonymous sorce said that Harry Potter just pretend to be his friend becouse he felt sorry for Ron to be ginger. Harry also said that he was a little bit afraid of Ron becouse he didnt have a soul and Harry tought that Ron looked like a dementor. Dementors are in fact gingers who took suicide becouse they were depressed and sad of beiing ginger.

Ron Weasly lives at a farm in a big trashy house next no nowhere. He lives with his parents, his two brothers and his sister who all are ginger of corse. The reason that the whole family is gingers is becouse when their father were in a area in Sweden known as Mälaren, he slept with a ginger. The ginger fell in love with him and when their dad was going home the ginger threw a curse on him that his family will be gingers. So the whole family got pissed of at their dad and everyone was now ginger.

Ginger Bread Edit

Gingerbread is a kind of cookie. Two of the ingrediens in gingerbread is cinnamon and ginger. Gingerbread came from Sweden and at the 18th century it was called Cinnamonbread or Kanelkaka in Swedish. But then on the 19th century gingers started to immigrant from Malaysia to Sweden. When they came to Sweden the local people felt sad for them becouse they beeing gingers so they renamed Cinnamonbread to Gingerbread.

Freshly baked gingerbread - christmas 2004


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